Student Development and Community Engagement Division

The Student Development and Community Engagement Division was established in November 2013, in order to bring a coherent Directorate for Student Experience approach to three complementary areas of work: Curricular & Co-curricular Activity; Social Responsibility; Volunteering & Community Engagement.

The teams that comprise the SDCE draw on wide ranging expertise in interdisciplinary higher education, eLearning, volunteering and the Third Sector, community engagement and cross sector working.

Curricular & Co-curricular Activity

The Division is responsible for a range of curricular and co-curricular activities, including University College, which incorporates The Manchester Leadership Programme.

The Division is also leading the DSE’s role in relation to Goal 3 of the University’s Strategy, Social Responsibility, and is working closely with all the Faculties to develop and pilot the Ethical Grand Challenges Signature Programme, which aims to:

“Provide every Manchester graduate with the opportunity, by 2016/17, to confront key ethical grand challenges through the completion of a common programme in each year of undergraduate study focusing on: Sustainability (Y1); Social Justice (Y2); and Workplace Ethics (Y3).”

Volunteering and Community Engagement

University of Manchester's Volunteering and Community Engagement Team is part of the SDCE. This team of volunteering professionals is responsible for supporting any student within the University who wishes to volunteer. The team works closely with over 400 local charities and not for profit organisations to source and promote a broad range of volunteering opportunities. Bespoke support is given to students undertaking University College Awards: The Manchester Leadership Programme, Manchester Enterprise Award and Manchester Global Award.

The team also provide advice and guidance to academic schools who want to involve student volunteers. For example we have worked with an academic in SALC to recruit over 100 students from across the University for the Multilingual Manchester project.

The Division also takes a key role in building positive relationships with communities and residents in areas of the city with high density student populations eg Fallowfield & Withington. We work with other parts of the University such as Residences, Manchester Student Homes, Security and with external partners including MMU, Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police, to develop appropriate strategies designed to help students and local communities live and work together.