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Workplace Ethics Challenge

The Workplace Ethics Challenge is the Ethical Grand Challenge (EGC) for Year 3-Final Year undergraduate students. To complete the Challenge students will need to take part in one 2.5 hour Workplace Ethics workshop, or complete an equivalent online learning activity. The Workplace Ethics Challenge workshops and online activity are relevant to a diverse range of occupational areas popular with undergraduate students.

All activities will have real-world practical ethical dilemmas at their core that will provide students with the opportunity to:

  • Explore what responsible behaviour in the workplace might look like
  • Practise meaningful experiences of interdisciplinary/multi-sector working and problem-solving
  • Incorporate diverse perspectives
  • Explore content relevant to, but not repeating, undergraduate curricula
  • Engage with current, research-led, & recognisably real-world topics
  • Take part in problem centred learning
  • Learn about key rights/legislation

The Workplace Ethics Challenge is part of Stellify and completion of the Challenge contributes towards the Stellify Award.

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